TE-4 KPL Mounting Track

for PDS4 -ALU Extrusion , REF. 18019WNA
Profil led Lipod - Kluś Design
Profil led Lesto KluśPDS4-K extrusion for mounting into grooves (milled in different types of furniture boards), REF.B3776
Profil led Lesto KluśTE-4 End Cap, REF.24101
Profil led Lesto KluśPDS4 Extrusion for universal use, REF.B1718

Mounting Track for PDS4-ALU extrusion


TE-4 mounting track is used to build precise slots (grooves) in the surfaces of walls and drywall ceilings in order to fit lighting fixtures made with PDS4-ALU and PDS4-K extrusions.
The wide flange of the TE-4 mounting track is designed to be covered in standard materials for joining and finishing drywall surfaces.
PDS4-ALU and PDS4-K  are mounted by by snapping into the TE-4. This allows easy installation of lighting fixtures and non-invasive removal of fixtures for service purposes.




The TE-4 KPL. mounting track can be mounted in pre made slots of drywall structures using gypsum adhesive or mounting adhesive.
After the adhesive dries, cover the aluminum flanges thinly with a suitable adhesive, put on the reinforcing mesh and putty. When dry, sand the putty carefully so that the edges of the mounting track are visible. Such a prepared surface fitted with the TE-4 mounting track can be finished by painting.


All finishing must be carried out with the profile liner in place protecting its interior against soiling. After completion of these works, remove the liner, remove any remnants of putty or paint, check  the elastic mounting cord for damages and gently push the fixture into place.


TE-4 mounting tracks are sold with an integrated elastic mounting cord, and a liner protecting the mounting chamber from excessive dirt.


NOTE! The mounting track fitted in a wall, ceiling, etc. must maintain a straight line. Excessive bending of the mounting track to the curvature of the surface in which it is fitted will prevent the mounting of the fixture.

technical drawing