HR - ALU Extrusion

floor applications (designed to meet IP67 waterproof level) , REF. B1889
Profil led Lipod - Kluś Design
Profil led Lesto KluśHR-ALU Cover CERTIFIED, REF.0945
Profil led Lesto KluśHR-ALU End Cap with hole, REF.00347
Profil led Lesto KluśHR-ALU End Cap, REF.00010
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- housing for flexible or hard LED strips that are 8-10mm wide (0.39”)

- floor applications, tiles

- due to its high integrity and compact size, HR-ALU extrusion is ideal for use in bathroom, shower, floor applications or areas exposed to water.

- outdoor applications:  construction, landscape architecture: gardens, road line marking, swimming pools, building facades etc.

- designed to achieve waterproof IP67 waterproof level


Product Description:



Non-anodized aluminum,



Standard Length

39.4" (1m), 78.75" (2m), 118.11" (3m)


Mounting glue, ceramic glue

Ending Element

Plastic end caps ( accessories )





Wattage (recommended)


3Watt/ Ft


Patent rights




The design and parameters of HR-ALU extrusion and its cover make the fixture durable and sturdy when mounted in the floor, as well as resistant to standard loads, cleaning and general floor maintenance. Environment friendly.  

Comments regarding HR –ALU profile assembly:

- it is extremely important to properly seal HR-ALU components ( extrusion, covers, end caps, LEDs).  This process needs to be performed by professionals outside the KLUS company

- for sealing HR-ALU extrusion we recommend using – DOW CORNING 3145 , transparent Neutral Silicone

- when choosing other sealing materials it is important to know their quality, applications and that they do not conduct electricity

- the quality of HR-ALU profile sealing depends solely on the quality and precision of the sealing process as well as the quality of the sealing material


technical drawing