, REF. B5552
Profil led Lipod - Kluś Design
Profil led Lesto KluśHS 22 Frosted Cover CERTIFIED, REF.17011
Profil led Lesto KluśHS 22 Clear Cover CERTIFIED, REF.17022
Profil led Lesto KluśLARKO End Cap, REF.24006
Profil led Lesto KluśKMA spring for grooves, REF.00838
Profil led Lesto KluśZM-90 Connector, REF.42716
Profil led Lesto KluśLIGER 22 frosted cover, REF.17032
Profil led Lesto KluśZM-180 Connector, REF.42717
Profil led Lesto KluśZM-PION Connector, REF.42718
Profil led Lesto KluśLarko Met End Cap, REF.24102



Recessed Extrusion

Architectural extrusions for LED tape – dedicated to be mounted into ceilings and drywall. The height of the extrusion was designed to produce a single line of light with LEDs spaced 15mm apart  and a frosted cover HS 22.  The extrusion can accomodate two of the 10mm wide LED strips. Extrusion can be mounted to a surface with the use of mounting springs.

Length: 39.4" (1m), 78.75" (2m), 118.11" (3m)
Surface finish: anodized

Assembly remarks:

The bottom side of the LARKO profile extends beyond the left side of a drywall, interfering with the construction elements.
Mounting across the ceiling structure calls for the use of additional spacer ‘bars’.

technical drawing