Garden lighting


Outdoor LED Lighting

Save on energy costs and add an enchanted look to the garden areas around your home with integrated outdoor LED lighting. While traditional lamps including CFL, waste energy in the form of heat, LED lamps convert more than 95% of energy to light. LED lights are also cool to the touch and do not pose safety risks like CFL lights containing mercury. 

KLUS outdoor LED fixtures, extrusions, splitters, and couplers offer waterproof performance.  In addition, the low voltage outdoor LED lights provide just the perfect amount of lighting accents for boundary walls, waterfalls, water features, garden areas, plants, flowers, and more.  Use different colored LED’s to create even more dramatic effects. Unlike other lighting sources, KLUS’s LED mounting systems offer specific directional capabilities. This means that the light emitted can be focused on specific features, instead of being scattered over wide areas. 

If you would like to incorporate outdoor and garden LED lighting systems to your home, contact one of our representatives or distributors today. 


Example of garden lighting fitting scheme using waterproof boxes:



Low voltage suitable for LED lighting allows for safe lighting of garden space.


Specially designed Klus mounting system facilitates the mounting of profiles in various kinds of surfaces and it ensures the regulation of light beam.