Garage LED Lighting

By adding KLUS LED lighting extrusions, you can turn your garage into a functional space most people could only dream of. Dark corners that would otherwise be useless will pop out and come to life, rendering them useful areas.  Imagine those dark storage areas converted to bright functional spaces.  KLUS LED profiles give you the option of non-contact switch sensors, meaning you can take advantage of hands-free lighting to turn lights on and off, an ideal solution for the garage, when your hands are dirty or full. 


No matter what the size or shape of your garage, the effective and efficient LED light fixtures can be custom fit to suit all your lighting needs. Slim in design, they can be applied to virtually any space or surface, and in any position, be that mounted horizontally on a ceiling or a shelf, or vertically along a wall. Ceiling lights provide improved general lighting, where as other installations provide the all-important task lighting, a vital part of any garage that will keep you organized and help you find things in a flash. These innovative LED lighting systems can be as sophisticated or as simple as you would expect or desire. The best way to approach illuminating your garage is to plan the existing space into zones or sections, keeping in mind all the lighting needs for the various tasks to be undertaken within them. Consider the storage, shelving, and organizing units, too.


Klus Design LED garage lighting solution is not only highly efficient and effective, but also long-lasting, so it is the optimal solution for this busy area of your home. With easy installation, and a variety of styles and supplies, such as high quality LED tape and dimmer switches to customize your lightning needs every time, your garage will be the envy of the neighborhood. It's the most environmentally friendly lighting available today, and truly is the lighting of the future, as it continues to provide the amount of brightness the consumer seeks, while leaving a much lower carbon footprint on the environment.